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Nancy D'Agostino

With over 10 years of hair dressing experience and as a prior cosmetology instructor, I have a full understanding of the typical salon which is exactly why I decided to start my own.


Established in 2003

After graduating beauty school I was proud and considered myself lucky to land a position with a high end Aveda salon.

I worked there about a year and soon learned salons were more concerned about turning people over rather than providing the kind of service I was taught to strive for in school.

I wanted to know my client, take my time with them, certain doing so would be satisfying to them and also put to use the skills I worked so hard to master.

I decided to set out on my own and build a professionally equipped salon in my home.

It's is NOT what you think! I am not cutting hair in my kitchen! It is a designated private comfortable area soley dedicated as a salon.

Last, while building my client base I also worked as a cosmetology instructor which gave me excellent problem solving skills.

The highest priority is for my client's to leave D'Agostino's Hair Salon satisfied knowing they have received a detailed and highly personalized service. 

To keep skills sharp, each year, I attend several beauty shows and continue my education. I have been fortunate enough to take hands on classes with some of the finest hair dressers in the industry, including Martin Parsons, Michael O'Rourke, David Stanko, Wayne Grund, and Michael Karg.

I am proud to say many of the clients I started with 10 years ago remain and, as a bonus, they are now also friends.

Meet the Business Owner: Nancy D.

After graduating from Loyola University of Chicago, I married and quickly had 4 children, all close in age. Specifically, they were born within a 5 year twins!

While being a stay at home mom, once they became older, it was apparent they would want to drive cars, go to college etc., so it was time to find some way to supplement the family income.

I thought going to beauty school would allow me the opportunity to still be a mom, satisfy a creative outlet, and be something I wanted to do all while earning an income. I enrolled, graduating 13 months later.

Here I am 10 years down the road with my own business. I've come to find being a stylist is and has been a rewarding and enjoyable profession and one I plan to continue for quite some time.

I love my clients and look forward to seeing each and every one of them. I want to expand with new clients, not only to provide a quality service, but also add to the friendships I've established.